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Ken's & Peter's Ranches

Ken, Laurie, Austin, Emily,
Jessica, Levi, & Colter


Ken's & Peter's Ranches

In extreme North-West Kansas The Buffalo Guys, Ken Klemm and Peter Thieriot, own about 4000 acres of prime, native buffalo range. Here, their herd of about 750 head grazes as they have for millennia. Early explorer accounts of this land tell of herds so great that when they came to water they would drink the creek dry. So when they brought the buffalo back to this place it was a homecoming and a great day in "buffalo history".

Peter & his crew

Peter & his crew (left to right)
Sitting: Winston, Charlotte, Zib
Standing: Josh, Tracy, Ferd, Little Ferd, & Peter
(with Edward the Truck)


Other Growers

To keep up with the growing demand for buffalo meat raised The Buffalo Guys way Ken and Peter contract with other skilled growers to produce to their exacting standards. Currently these family ranches are located in Kansas, Colorado,Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana. If you’d like to be a grower for The Buffalo Guys we’d love to have you! Send us an email and find out how we need them raised.