Wholesale & Bulk Orders

If you have a freezer why not stock up with a bulk purchase? We have several options to choose from and you can save hundreds of dollars while you stock up for the future.

Our buffalo meat is nutrient dense and great for your health. In fact, it’s lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than even skinless, white chicken (see chart). NPA Lab tested our meat and found that a single serving is packed with 50 mg of Omega 3 – more than many varieties of fish! Think of our meat as a pay-as-you-go health plan.

Our meat is lean, tasty and all-natural. Our animals are range-raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones. When you buy our meat you are buying quality that you can see and taste.

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We also have three other options that you may like. We are happy to visit with you about your buffalo needs and we will do our best to tailor a method of getting our fine meats to you. See if one of these fit you.

  • Method #1
    For orders of 100 pounds or greater we offer you FREE GROUND SHIPPING! (does not apply to recommended 2nd Day Air or Overnight shipping areas). You can mix and match the items however you like. Contact us at 888-330-8686 for help with this discount.
  • Method #2
    We also offer whole, halves and quarters of buffalo in a limited region of the country (near our ranches). These are hand delivered to available locations only. (Sorry, Fed/Ex – UPS shipping is not available for this option due to the rural nature of the ranches.) To see a full description of costs and available locations click here www.TheHomesteadRanch.com for grain-offered or www.BeaverCreekBuffalo.com for pure grass-finished meat.
  • Method #3
    We offer this option for those who are able to come to one of our ranches and pick up a field dressed animal themselves for transport to the butcher or for home butchering. We can have a field dressed animal ready and waiting for you. All it takes is a little time… Click here for details www.TheHomesteadRanch.com.

** All offers subject to change or discontinuation at anytime. January, 2017

What you can expect

All of our meats are cut by professional butchers while under Federal Inspection (U.S.D.A.). They are then vacuum packed and flash frozen to seal in the flavor. To use, simply place the frozen steak, while still in the package, in a dish of warm water to thaw. In minutes it will be ready to cook! The patties need not be thawed before grilling which makes them even more convenient. The Ultimate Feast is best to thaw in the fridge and takes longer. All orders receive a free copy of Laurie's Little Buffalo Cookbook. This guide is full of helpful cooking tips and recipes which will make your meal a success!