Shipping Info

Special Military Shipping

As a small service to our men and women serving in the armed forces of the United States Military we will ship to APO’s and FPO’s at no added cost. Due to the regulations and complexities of shipping to APO/FPO’s we cannot ship perishable products. However, our jerky is OK to ship and makes for a great treat. If you have troubles during the automated check out process, please call us 8am - 5pm Mountain Time and we will manually take care of your order for you. We Support Our Troops! - Ken and Peter

How much does it cost?

We offer shipping for as low as a Flat Fee of $14.99! This rate applies to your order no matter how large (excluding AK. and HI.). Jerky only orders ship free via either UPS Ground or USPS. For added cost, 2nd Day Air or Overnight service can also be chosen. Please click on the “see rates” link in the checkout process to see all your options.

What is the “Recommended Shipping Method”?

This feature determines your distance from our shipping point and makes a recommendation of how best to ship the package to you. For instance, if your location is near our shipping point it will then recommend Ground Shipping ($14.99). Or, if your location is far from our shipping point then it may suggest the 2nd Day Air option for $29.99. However, you will still have the option to choose our Flat Fee Ground for $14.99 (excluding AK. and HI.). The choice is yours. Regardless of your choice we guarantee to get it to you in perfect condition (see below for details).

Do you have a minimum order amount?

We DO NOT have a minimum order amount!

How do you ship it to me?

We use a sturdy shipping cooler and plenty of dry ice to assure your meat arrives in good order.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes. When we ship your package we will send an email to the shipping email address that you provide. This email will contain the tracking number and the ship date. Please be aware that we have noticed that quite a few of these get bounced due to spam filters or for other various reasons. You can always call our 888 line from 8 - 4:30 Mountain Time and we will track it for you.

How long will it take to arrive?

Please allow 7-10 business days for us to process your order and for it to arrive at your door, although most orders arrive within a few days. Using Ground Service, it takes anywhere from 1 day to 3 days transit time for your package to arrive, depending on how far you are from our shipping point (Chicago or Madison WI). Packages do not move on the weekends. Consequently, each shipment is carefully planned to ensure that it is always moving to your home and not sitting in a warm warehouse somewhere. We suggest that you place your order by the Thursday prior to the week you want it to arrive. If there is a holiday in the week then we are shorted a shipping day and your order may need to be shipped the following week. Of course, sometimes you can choose Overnight or 2nd Day Air to solve this problem. If you would like your order to arrive before or after a certain day please make a note of it in the comments box provided. We read each of these notes and will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We will contact you if we cannot meet your needs.

*During the holiday rush when order volume increases, our shipper may elect to ship your order to arrive on a Monday. No worries, the order will still be guaranteed . If Monday delivery does not suit your needs, please let us know.

When is it best to order?

It is always best to order the week before you want it to arrive.

When is your cutoff time?

3 pm Mountain Standard time, Monday thru Friday. If an order is placed after this time we may not be able to ship it the next available shipping day. In this event, we will schedule it for shipment the following shipping day. Orders placed before 3pm MT will be scheduled for shipment the next available shipping day.

What days do you ship?

We ship Monday through Thursday, depending on your location. Orders received Wednesday through Sunday evening will normally be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. We will not ship if the shipment will be delayed in transit for a weekend or a holiday. These shipments will be held and shipped the next available shipping day.

Can I have my package arrive on a Monday or a Tuesday?

Monday arrivals are not possible since that would require your shipment to sit in a warm warehouse over the weekend. Tuesday arrivals are possible with Overnight service placed before noon on Monday.

How about a Saturday Delivery?

We can do Saturday deliveries… sometimes. If you must have a Saturday delivery please be aware that we will need a little time to work on it. Not all areas have reliable Saturday deliveries. Please expect an added charge.

Can I have it shipped to my work?

Yes. We actually recommend this. Most places of business are on a regular delivery schedule with our shippers. The shipment will have enough dry ice to keep frozen until you get home that evening. To conserve the dry ice it's best not to open the shipment until you are ready to place the order in the freezer.

Rush orders

If you are in a hurry for your order please choose Overnight service when placing your order and add a note in the comments box as to when you would like your order to arrive by. Don't be shy. Give us plenty of instructions so we can fulfill your expectations. We will do all we can to get it there on time. If we can't meet your expectations we will call you.

Which shipping company will deliver my package?

We normally use Fed Ex. However, we may use alternate shippers at times. We assume all risk of our shippers’ performance and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Replacement/Return Policy for Failed Shipments

Sometimes unforeseen problems occur and a shipment arrives late (and therefore thawed). Our policy regarding this is very simple and favorable to you. In a nutshell, if it is our fault OR our shippers' fault, we will replace your order or refund your money – your choice. However, if the failed shipment is due to an error on the purchaser or the recipient's part (as in a gift), including, but not limited to, an incorrect address supplied, receiver not available for delivery, or orders left out and either stolen, ruined or damaged after delivery, we will not refund or replace the shipment.

Two simple tips that will ensure your satisfaction:

  1. Make sure all the information entered for your shipment is correct.
  2. Make sure that the shipment is expected and will be received the day it is to be delivered. A one-day delay may ruin the shipment.

If there is a day that the order cannot be delivered, please make a note of it to us and we will schedule it to arrive on another day. The two biggest reasons shipments are failed are because the information provided to us is incorrect, or the driver doesn't feel comfortable leaving the shipment without a signature. If the driver can leave the shipment at your door without your signature, tell us so we can tell him. If you have a doorman or a front office, please make sure they are aware that a perishable shipment is coming. Make certain they will receive it and notify you ASAP of its arrival. Please remember, the product is perishable and must be delivered, received and put in the freezer before the end of the scheduled delivery day. If there is any question in your mind, please feel free to call us at 888-330-8686.

To make a claim with us it is imperative for you to call our office within 24 hours of delivery. Open your shipment and inspect it the day it arrives. If possible, please snap a picture or two of the problem and email them to us at This will help us better understand the problem and expedite our service for you.

Personal or Gift Notes

If you would like to include a personal note in your shipment just write it in the comments box and we will gladly include it in your shipment. Your message will be printed on the front label of the shipment.

Are Your Shipping Coolers Biodegradable?

We use heavy duty Styrofoam type shipping coolers without a cover box. The shipping system we use is specifically designed so a thin layer of heat shrunk plastic takes the place of the heavy cardboard shipping box. Unfortunately, the coolers are not biodegradable and in many communities are not recyclable either. We’ve studied the option of allowing for a mail back program for the coolers but have discovered that the cost, both environmental and financial, is greater than the benefit. We also regularly monitor the advancements with biodegradable coolers. At this time, there are no biodegradable options that allow us to negate the use of the heavy cardboard box. The technology is advancing fairly rapidly in this field and it is our hope that one day soon a truly biodegradable, molded cooler with the needed insulative and shipping durability characteristics will one day be available. One lost shipment due to cooler failure creates a very expensive loss, both economically and environmentally. In the meantime, we suggest to reuse these sturdy coolers (you can find dozens of craft uses online).