Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between buffalo and bison?

Bison is the proper name for the largest mammal in North America, commonly known as the American Buffalo. A completely unrelated mammal, the buffalo, is found only in Africa and southeast Asia. Those animals are known as Cape Buffalo, in Africa, and the water buffalo in southeast Asia.

Are bison an endangered species?

No, not now. Before the white man, there were an estimated 30- to 70-million bison in North America. By 1889, there were fewer than 1,000. However, without government interference or an endangered species act, a zoo director and several ranchers voluntarily acted and preserved the species. Then, Teddy Roosevelt started the first national park in the US (Yellowstone) and stocked it with bison. Today there are in excess of 500,000 bison in the herds of North America.

Should I be concerned about mad cow disease?

No. This disease is transmitted to ruminants by feeding them animal parts (ruminants are grazers and, thus, vegetarians). Our bison are never fed animal parts. Their primary diet is the native grasses they are meant to eat and small quantities of grain prior to slaughter.

What is "beefalo?"

Beefalo is the product of cross-breeding a beef animal with a bison (buffalo). It was an unsuccessful experiment conducted between the 1880's and the 1980's. The offspring of these crosses were mostly sterile and the meat was not as tasty nor as nutritious as pure bison. The advent of modern, low-stress handling techniques has facilitated the growth of the modern buffalo industry.  We do NOT cross bred our buffalo with cattle or any other specie.

How can the bison come back if we're eating them?

Only surplus males are slaughtered for meat. The females, usually, are integrated into herds for breeding purposes and to produce more calves. The fact that the bison industry is selling bison meat IS the reason that the herds are coming back. This gives the rancher an economic incentive to increase his herd size and to raise the animals responsibly.  Once man discovers a use for a specie its existence is assured.  Bison are loved and the herds are growing and secure!  Help us rasie more - order today!