Handy Steak Tester

Here’s a nifty trick to check how well your steaks are done without cutting them.

Here’s how:
Hold your hand out, palm up. Trust me now. This really does have to do with cooking steaks… Gently touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger. Take your other hand and poke the big palm muscle on the palm of your hand (see the picture to the right).

What you feel there is what a rare steak feels like.  Now, touch your thumb to your middle finger in like manner. The muscle will now feel like a medium rare steak. The ring finger pairing will equate to a medium steak and the pinky finger pairing will equate to a well done steak. This works great but it still does take some practice. Experiment and have fun! You’ll have a great steak when you’re finished.


Ken and Peter
(AKA The Buffalo Guys)

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