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Buffalo Jerky

Buffalo Jerky

100% Legendary Bison // All Natural // Healthier & Tastier!

Long gone are the days when jerky tasted like peppered cardboard. Today’s health concerned consumer knows better. Jerky done right can be one of the most delectable snacks you can nosh on.

Buffalo jerky has a proud culinary legacy that goes back to the early, or possibly even ancient Americas, when buffalo was prepared, flavored, and dried through natural methods. Known as pemmican, those strips of chewy goodness sustained many a lonely fur trader or snowed-in family through a long, cold winter!

Today, some jerky producers have gone the way of over-processing—cutting corners on preparation, resorting to dubious additives, and opting for artificial flavors to turn mediocre jerky into fast profits. The Buffalo Guys believe there’s a better way. Our buffalo jerky is the result of all-natural meat sourcing, meticulous preparation, and authentic, whole-food flavor. We don’t go in for added hormones, gluten, nitrates, or MSG.

From our Sweet Peppered Old Style Jerky to our mild yet smoky Blue Label Jerky, this is buffalo jerky at its best—gluten free and a Paleo dieter’s dream. The Buffalo Guys give you great options, from two- and three-ounce packs and samplers to our money-saving bulk units of a dozen resealable packages. Find out why jerky is enjoying a culinary resurgence, stock up your kitchen pantry, or add pizazz to a gourmet gift basket. The good stuff is all right here!

Jerky - Blue Label JB011Jerky - Blue Label $48.25
Jerky - Blue Label BULKJBA11Jerky - Blue Label BULK$70.39
Jerky - Old Style J0010Jerky - Old Style $43.25
Jerky - Old Style BULK J0A10Jerky - Old Style BULK $109.69
Jerky Sampler JSAMPJerky Sampler $44.95
Sampler Pack B15Sampler Pack $249.95
Prairie PackB16Prairie Pack$349.95
Executive Gift Pack B17Executive Gift Pack $469.95